Top Drawer London – SPOTTED


We were very excited to be selected for the SPOTTED section of Top Drawer London in January. Curated by Charlotte Abrahams, SPOTTED has become one of Top Drawers main attractions and showcases new design talent.

As with every show, it was a long day setting up!



But we got there in the end…

2016-01-17 10.18.34

We enjoyed doing some magic on the stand. One of our tricks was showing how it takes 11 seconds to get from bookcase to home office. See the video here!

We met some wonderful fellow exhibitors.


Check out their fun and creative businesses:

Marina B Filthy Velvet Paper Planes

2016-01-18 15.16.55-1

I was also interviewed by the lovely Frances Croxford and her team from a company called The Seeking State.

I am in the video Product Development: Focusing on Problem Finding at 1.28min


All in all it was a lot of fun. Thanks Top Drawer!



As if from nowhere… Summer Plans


I am delighted to say that the collection has moved into the final stage of sampling with the first batch delivery in Europe expected in the first week of September. I will be travelling to see the samples in the next 2 weeks hopefully and I will be placing the order for the very first batch. It is very exciting! It has been a lot of hard work and I can’t wait to cross ‘place order’ off my to-do list! I might even take my first holiday in three years!

In the meantime one bookcase has found a home in a residential space in Italy and another bookcase has gone into the offices of a start-up company here in Dublin. I’m thrilled see both customers interacting with the bookcase and it is proving to be a terrific exercise for customer feedback. Already they are using it in different ways and different configurations and it’s very exciting to see. I’m looking forward to sharing photos over the summer of how they have experienced working and living with ‘As if from nowhere…’


 I am thrilled to be exhibiting the ‘As if from nowhere…’ bookcase as part of an exhibition called ‘Fresh Talent’. It will open in the Coach House in Dublin Castle in Dublin. It is an exhibition celebrating up and coming Irish Designers. If you find yourself in Dublin it’s running from the 2nd of July until September. I hope I will soon be able to retire that poor tired prototype! It’s well travelled! Someone said to me I should get it a passport and stamp all the places it has visited! You can see more about the exhibition here.


Over the summer, along with finalizing production, I will be gearing up for London Design Week. It runs from the 24th -27th   of September.   I will be exhibiting with Designjunction. So for all you Londoners, please mark it in your diary and pop by if you can! You can see more about the show here.

Looking forward to updating you more on the first batch delivery and retailer!

Milan Furniture Fair

I was extremely honoured to have been selected by curator Marva Griffin to exhibit at the 18th edition of The Salone Satellite at The Milan Furniture Fair in April.

‘The SaloneSatellite was created in 1998 for the express purpose of bringing together, in the same place and time, the most promising young designers from all over the world with the most important business people and talent scouts gathered in Milan to visit or exhibit at the Salone del Mobile.’

Arriving at The Rho Fiera

Arriving at The Rho Fiera

To be exhibiting at The Milan Furniture Fair was a dream come true. I first visited the fair in my graduating year of 2012 and I promised myself the next time I came back, it would be to exhibit.

 The ‘As if from nowhere…’ bookcase was also shortlisted for The Design Report Award. Among the jury of 6, was the curator of contemporary furniture at The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Dr. Jana Scholze.

 I spent 7 months preparing for Milan. And as the saying goes, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

But we got there in the end!

As if from nowhere... at Stand B9 of The Salone Satellite

As if from nowhere… at Stand B9 of The Salone Satellite

 I arrived in Milan on the Sunday before the opening on Tuesday. My furniture beat me to Milan and was waiting for me at the Fairgrounds when I arrived. On Monday morning we began the all day set up.

There was an incredible buzz being ‘back stage’ at such a remarkable event. All the major brands had massive installations to set up which was mind-boggling to see and there was music blasting through the Fairgrounds to keep everyone motivated as we all worked on setting up our spaces!

The entrance to the Salone Satellite at Milan Furniture Fair

The entrance to the Salone Satellite at Milan Furniture Fair

 Each day would be an early start to get to the fairgrounds and make sure the stand was looking well before the public entered. The day was spent demonstrating the bookcase and talking to a range of people from press to designers and architects, retailers, general public and visiting students. The fair welcomed 310,840 visitors during the 6 days.

 We realised very early on that perhaps a video on a loop might have been a good idea. People passing by thought it was just a colourful bookcase until they saw the furniture could be taken out, needless to say the team and myself got quite a workout demonstrating the furniture.

 I would love to have a number on how many times the furniture was taken out and then put back in!

Tom Dixons band 'Rough' playing at the designjunction opening party

Tom Dixons band ‘Rough’ playing at the designjunction opening party

 I used the evenings to see some other events, as I didn’t see far beyond my stand during the day.

I loved visiting Designjunction as I am exhibiting with them at London Design Week in September. While at their opening party I met Tom Dixon and I got to see his band Rough play!

I also got to meet Ron Arad which was amazing because in Design School I was made to draw his ‘Well Tempered Chair’ over and over until I got the shading just right. When I met him I told him this…

Very busy stand!

Very busy stand!

 It was sad for the week in Milan to end. It was incredible to show the collection and see the reaction. Many times I would take out all the chairs and tables and I got an applause!

Other times people would come up to me to say, ‘I saw this on Pinterest’ or ‘I shared this on Facebook’ and they insisted on getting pictures so they could show their friends they had seen it.

People were so happy and their reaction was a mix of surprise, smiles and laughter, which was my intention designing this piece. It was a marvelous week.

Me & As if from nowhere...

Me & As if from nowhere..

 Until next year Milano x